Exhibition “Lay Artist”

만인예술가전   [Lay Artist ]  Sept 4th – Oct 6th, 2012 (art center Nabi Gallery)

Exhibition, “Lay Artist” was a group media art exhibition curated by Art Center Nabi.   Younghui’s original piece from 2008 exhibition in Dallas, “Social Fabrics” was invited to show in this exhibition.  (artwork titled “Stir It On! 부딪쳐라!”)

“Stri It On!” at the Art Center Nabi

She showcased one original (still in a good condition after five years) piece along with new edition created with a different technique and parts.  Along with one-month long exhibition, she taught a special two day workshop on Wearable Technology for public applicants.  It was held at Art Center Nabi gallery – Aug 22, 23rd.

Her interview titled as “Wearable Computing as Art” is included in their in depth catalog.

Younghui teaching Wearable Technology Workshop at the Art Center Nabi

An interview article at the Donga Science News

I had an interview with a reporter from one of the leading newspaper company, Donga.  It was first interview in Korean so it was a bit strange.  She found about me from the Leonardo Journal article and google searched my office number at the university.  I wasn’t sure if she was going to publish the interview but, I guess she did wrote an interview article in May 2009.  The reporter kindly phoned me about the WCU grant my team got but, she must have forgotten to give me a notice about it being published.  Several months passed after May and I just recently found out about the article at the Donga Science Paper.  My cousin found it in the internet.

The article link is here  >>

Sorry, it’s in Korean and the title is a bit too aggressive in my taste.  Also, it has translated NYU wrongly – it probably doesn’t matter here in Korea but, most of the contents of articles – I remember saying that.

‘Stir It On!’ in an article in Leonardo Journal, Vol 42-2

‘Stir It On!’ skirt prototype was featured as one of projects in a gallery written by Susan E. Ryan With Phil Winfield and Jill Thomas, ‘Social Fabrics:  wearable + media + interaconnectivity’ in Leonardo Journal Gallery Vol. 42-2, 2009.  This article raises a very important question regarding how we define a wearable technology as art and media.  Read the introduction here >>

more information regarding this issue of Leonardo Journal  – http://www.mitpressjournals.org/toc/leon/42/2

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Stir It On on the floor
Stir It On! Prototype v.1.0 inactive on the floor, back

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