Out-Layers – Seoul 2018

Audience watching two art installation meditatively at The Sense of Data exhibiton at Platform-L.  Left:  ‘Out-Layers-Seoul 2018‘ by Kim, Y. Right: ‘Seeking for Outliers-Seoul‘ by Kim, Y.

In the set of artwork, ‘Out-Layers – Seoul 2018‘, the artist visualizes the live data of selfie-related texts in the public post of Selfie using the hashtag #셀카 in Instagram –  ‘Selfie’ in Korean. The algorithm is designed at the datacook.org site.

These bold graphic pattern are screen-projected in a large scale (the larger the better) on the wall being layered and performing with the live data updates, along in parallel with the colorful lights embedded in the wearable version; both patterns are inspired by Korean traditional color pattern called, ‘Sakdong‘ and Hanbok image collars called, ‘Dong Jeong‘.  Since I was working with Seoul data, I intentionally wanted to create patterns and forms that resembles the traditional dress using simple pattern to cut.

A screen grab of ‘Out-Layers-Seoul 2018‘ 2018-10-15at11.18.49am
Testing a paper model for the collar (Dongjeong) part
Out-Layers when it is off.


To explore this idea and being true to myself being an artist instead of being a scientist, I’ve narrowed down the selfie posts that only uses a Korean hashtag, ‘셀카’ and thematically analyzed their texts.  With technical supports by datacook.org, I’ve got live data from Instagram with ‘셀카’ hashtag.  The texts were mostly in Korean.  These texts were revealing loneliness, happiness, travel excitements, weather sentimental, beautiful moment and selfs, daily moments.  For following year, I have worked on the live data work that accompanied by a wearable by prototyping multiple versions and here present, ‘Out-layers-Seoul 2018‘.


Visitors to the exhibition told me that somehow they feel connected with others as they watch how these color stripes are being updated while generating these subtle different patterns as time passes.  I told them that just like the wearable piece, we share and wear other’s emotion on us.  – Younghui Kim, Nov 2018

Out-Layers-Seoul, model by Sofya Glazunova , photo by Younghui Kim 2018
The artist, Younghui Kim in front of her creation