Stir It On!  2008

With the new version of Stir It On! 2.0, Stir It On! was exhibited at [Lay Artist] curated by Art Center Nabi in Sept-Oct, 2012. 

‘부딪쳐라의 2012년 버전은 2007년 버전과 함께 아트센터 나비에서 기획한  [만인예술가전]에 초대되어 2012년 9월6-10월5일까지 전시되었다.

Stir It On! – Wearable version – exhibited at Social Fabrics, CAA 2008

‘Stir It On!’ is an interactive wearable skirt that reacts to any close encounter on the surface of the skirt such as bumping or touching. The ‘Stir It On!’ skirt will have design patterns on the surface that will be emitting subtle lights when it’s stirred by near passing touch or rubs.‘Stir It On!’ was inspired by bioluminescent bay organisms called ‘Dinoflagellates’ that react with luminescent glow when they are stirred up.

In everyday lives, especially in crowded urban cities, many people pass you near or even touch or bump into you. This is especially true in Seoul, Korea. Depending on the wearer¹s perspective, this interactive reaction of ‘Stir It On!’ skirt can be expressing either alarming call to ask to stay away to give personal space or a playful request to be closer for even more touch. The multiple ‘Stir It On!’ skirts will behave more like Dinoflagellates when they activate each other.

Material Used: QProx 113 Touch Sensor, conductive thread and fabric, LEDs, Arduino board

Tags: Fashion, Technology, Wearable, Touch, Lights, LEDs, Personal space

Stir It On on the floor
Stir It On! (back, inactive) 2008


"Stri It On!" at the Art Center Nabi
“Stri It On!” at the Art Center Nabi


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