Data as Art Research:  –  Data as Art
in research with Interaction Design Lab, Cornell University
(summer of 2014), details inside, details inside

artistic statement:

Emotional status is something that forms and passes like a cloud in the air.  What if an installation can hold and collect individual emotional statuses and displays how we all feel together in the same space?  Will collective emotional awareness influence individual moods and vice versa?

– Younghui Kim, Lead Artist

This interactive installation is a visual representation of collective emotional moods that are translated from PAM (The Photographic Affect Meter, JP Pollak, Phil Adams, and Geri Gay) input.  The PAM is a one-click measure of emotional state now widely used in place of or in addition to traditional pen and paper psychological assessments.

This piece is an on-going collaborative research to see how these voluntary PAM inputs of building users would be relate to the visual representation of collected mood at a given timeframe.   This platform can be re-programmed in diverse visual patterns.



working with LED strips - model – model

Here is a link that talks about this research art here. TEAM

Younghui Kim – Lead Artist
Hyuns Hong – Artist, Engineer
Jung-Ho Son, Assistant Artist, Programmer
Jacqueline Chien, Fabricator
Lindsay Reynolds, Project Manager
Geri Gay, Kenneh J. Bissett Professor, Communication/Information Science, IDL Director

(partially funded by Intel and CIS Dean’s Office)