Nabi – Butterfly, 2015 – drinking -responsive wearable

Nabi(Butterfly) is an Expressive Wearable Art on Social Interaction in context of social alcohol culture in Korea.  

Currently being exhibited at Beit Hair Museum in Israel until June 15th, 2015

Nabi Sensor
alcohol sensor on the collar
Nabi – switch on, a little bit of alcohol – Younghui Kim 2015










This is a second piece that deals with what it means to drink socially in Korean culture.  Korean drinking culture has a different social aspect than western social drinking.  With formality deeply set in society, people are often shy to express what they really think soberly.  Often, a friend is inviting another friend for a drink can be interpreted for a serious talk.

Nabi (Butterfly) 2015 by Y. Kim


Sketch Drawing, Younghui Kim 2015
Sketch Drawing, Younghui Kim 2015

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