ISEA 2019 Artist Talk, Seeking for Outliers‘, Gwangju ACC, S. Korea

ACM DL SIGCHI 2018  Art, EA ‘Weight of Data,’ Montreal, Canada

Art.CHI 2015 – Interactive Media Works, official catalogue of Art.CHI http://www.blurb.com/b/6153603-art-chi-2015

ACM Digital Libary SIGCHI 2015  “ART_CHI” workshop EA,  / “mood.cloud – Data as Art” EA Interactivity, Seoul, South Korea

ACM Digital Library TEI 2015 EA / Gallery, ‘Metamorphosis’ , Stanford, USA 

 ‘Artist, Portrait of  The Aesthetic Soul,‘ Felix Park, Jaewon 2014

이재민, 안녕 미디어 아트, Chapt: “wearable technology”, Insight, Korea 2014

ACM DL SIGCHI 2013, Interactivity-Exploration, EA ‘Gravity of Light,’ Paris, France

Noh, Soyoung, Lay Artist ‘Wearable Computing as Art – Younghui Kim,’ Art Center Nabi, Korea, Sept 2012

ISEA 2011, Body Graffiti: Expressive Wearable Art Through Bodily Performance,’ Istanbul, Turkey, Sept 2011

주간한국 Korean Times Magazie,미디어아트와 일상이 스쳤을 때 – When everyday life crosses over media art” article by Jinwoo Park on the solo exhibition of Younghui Kim, April 2011

Stoffel Kuenen, Elisabetta Cianfanelli ‘Metamorphosis’ , p132-135 ‘HearWear, Grey skirt v.’ & ‘Stir It On!’ were curated, published by Polistampa, Italy, May 2010

Research Journal of Basic Design & Art Vol.11-1 English Research Paper, ‘Materials and Technologies in Wearable Computing Art and Design Implementation’  Korean Society of Basic Design & Art, Feb 2010

Korea Digital Design Journal Vol. 10-1,  English Art Paper, “Stir It On!; A Wearable Technology Art of Expressing Social Interaction in Public Space” KODDCO, Korea, Jan 2010

Leonardo Journal Vol. 42-2  Social Fabrics, “Stir It On!”  published by MIT Press,  April 2009

Seymour, Sabine, Fashionable Technology: The Intersection of Design, Fashion, Science and Technology, HearWear & Stir It On! published by SpringerWienNewYork, 2008

College Art Association Conference, Intelligent Agent Issue8.1, Social Fabric
Stir It On!
(The Leonardo Educational Forum) 2008

Lee, Soon-jong, Rhi, Joomyung, Eun Byungsoo, Park, Inn-seok (editors), Light into Life-Furture Life, HearWear: The Fsashion of Environmental Noise Display (Ahn Graphics Ltd).(2005)


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