Connexion CHI 2018 Art Exhibition

In May 2018, Marie (Younghui)’s EA paper for CHI 2018 got accepted so she has installed her updated installation series “Weight of Data” at Société des arts technologiques [SAT] (The Society of Art and Technologies) in Montreal, Canada as a part of Connexion exhibition.

Except for sugar cubes, I had to purchase 1 Kg of raw rice and sea salt in Montreal.  I didn’t bring the balance with me so, I bought each packaged in 1 Kg.  The value of cryptocurrency has peaked over 2 years so I had to add another digit for the screen interface in Processing.  The left photo above is the screen of the Sugar installation piece in 2018 and the right one is from the exhibition in 2016.  It was expected but, surprised by the scale of increment.

Are we putting even higher value in digital data now? 




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