Exhibition: Continuous Flow at KOTE Gallery

Continuous Flow – April 16-May 27 2021, at KOTE 3F Gallery

KOTE is an amazing art & culture space located in the heart of Seoul, Insadong.  On the 3F gallery, curated with Todd Hollebeck & Minhee Kim, 5 solo exhibitions and 2 group exhibitions among 13 individual or team artists who deals with art, media, and technology.  Younghui has participated in this evolving exhibition with her new artworks:  “Bridge Crossing – Kurilpa 2021” with, “RICE-1Kg – new version 2021” in the 3rd FL gallery, Room 3 as a Solo-exhibition.

more info at KOTE


Weight of Data – Rice 1Kg (Younghui Kim 2021), Live updates of the rice market value equals to one bitcoin in weights
Data updates in the screen: the weight of Rice that a Bitcoin can buy at the moment
다리를 건너며 Bridge Crossing – 쿠릴파 Kurilpa Bridge, Brisbane, AU. Work-in-Progress 2021

On the right wall: Bridge Crossing – Goodwill Bridge, 100 photographic data, printed in OHP film sheets, layered together. Photos taken once a day on the bridge for 100 days from Aug 2018 to Feb 2019.

Kurilpa Bridge, printed in a clear film, overlapped images of the different times.

Looking out to the court yard, on the glass door.

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