The Technology Jacket –  2003

For the Kitchen performance, “Afrofuturistic”, Younghui Kim designed a technology jacket with James Tu. This jacket was to create the sense of the over flowing information on everyday objects like a jacket.  The jacket was made with a basic stamp, electro-illuminating wires and panels that are cut in different shapes and sewed onto the jacket with 3 switches inside of the pocket where the performer can turn them on and off.  (The photos taken during performance has been accidentally erased by a colleague – therefore a far shot is only record.)

Venue:  The Kitchen, New York City, 2003


The Realm of Memory, 1999


The Realm of Memory is an interactive installation that structured like a cave. (6ft high 10 ft wide)  The series of drawings are hand-drawn on randome spots of the interior walls of this installation.  A visitor walks in this cave-like space with a small hand light and triggers a piece of memory by looking at the mural drawings.  Non-linear short footages of moving images are projected on the wall covering up the drawing with projected lights on it.  Just like ones memory, short footages are linked with the drawing hints and they are pulled randomly but, relevantly.

venue:  ITP, New York Univeristy – Physical Computing Show, 1999


The Reflection, 1998

Non-linear movies in QTVR space, in collaboration with Hank Blumenthal – created at Digital Space course at NYU, advised by Dan O’ Sullivan

The Reflection is a collective VR experience on one of the character’s memory in her apartment.  The non-linear movies are embedded in QTVR spaces of the digital representation of the main character’s apartment.   The viewer can jump to difference space and time of her memory in the apartment and guesses what happened to her.  Each of the over-hundred movie clips are positioned exactly in the linked QTVR spaces.

(programmed in VRML 2.0, QT movie clips)

Venue:  presented at San Paolo Film Festival, 1999


The Story of Thread, 1998

Fictional Space – written, illustrated and programmed by Younghui Kim 1998

The Story of Thread is an original picture book story presented in the virtual space using 360 degree QTVR environment.  Each spaces are illustrated and mapped into QTVR space and the viewer can jump to different space.  Each space contains a story and the viewer can choose to follow either blue thread or red thread.

presented at San Paolo Film Festival, 1999


Story of Thread 1998
Story of Thread 1998

QTVR, Real VR, VRML 2.0

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