BBC News Clicks:  Artist, Younghui Kim he artist talks about daily inspirations of her wearable artworks such as bumping in social space and drinking culture with social dynamics in Seoul.  aired on June 2016

Arirang TV News Prime:  Fashion designers, media artists and IT experts collaborate on wearable technology art project, June 2014

머니투데이 예술가, 3D프린터를 만나니 또다른 작품 세계가, 국내 최초 3D프린팅 기술 활용한 전시에 참여한 작가 류호열, 김영희 – 진달래 기자, May 2014

The Science TimesClothing, hats transform into media art…,’ 옷, 모자가 미디어예술로...’  June 2013

Plancc.com  Artist’s Interview:  Younghui Kim, Jan 2013

Surface Asia, Spring 2013  3D Printing Special Issue, Interview with artist Younghui Kim

Lay Artist ‘Wearable Computing as Art’ interview with Younghui Kim, Art Center Nabi, Sept 2012

The Creators Project  Body Graffiti, Younghui Kim, June 2011

Frenzy, Wearable Project , Interview with artist Younghui Kim, Dec 2010

Radio Interview with Younghui Kim, Bristol, UK, Aug 2010

Fashioningtech.com Interview with Younghui, Mar 2010

Donga Times  Interview Article on Digital Art Camp, June 2009

Christian Science Monitor ‘Interactive fashion lets costumers wear devices on their sleeves’ Feb 2009

One-Eighty Magazine, interview with artist, Kim & featured project, “HearWear”, The Academy of Art University, San Francisco, Feb 24, 2009

Columbia News Service, ‘interactive design: where fashion, technology and art meet and mingleinterview article by Columbia University Press, NY, Feb 2009

Donga Science News Interview with wearable artist Younghui Kim, Dec 2009

Art4D, Interview with Younghui Kim, April Issue. (2005) (> download here )

Nippon TV, Japan, Shimo Dome StyleHearWearJapanese Nippon TV, Oct 2004

Xbyte, on ichannel TV, HearWear exhibition at Siggraph 2004, Oct 2004

Computer Graphic World ACM Siggraph Emerging Technology, wearable computing, (Aug 2004 issue)

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