Exhibition Venues:

[ RUNNING: Demystifying Wearable Media Art ] – Solo exhibition, White Birch Gallery, Seoul, 2013

[ACROSS,]  media art exhibition, Hongik Museum of Art, Hongik University, Seoul, 2013

RUNNING! 달려라 영희!

We are “RUNNING” computer software.
We are “RUNNING” projects.
We are “RUNNING” businesses.
We are “RUNNING” media art or “RUNNING” wearable performances.

We are not physically running sometimes, but we are running a lot metaphorically. Everyday, the exit and entrance signs are reflecting our running in icon.

EL-sheet Light Drawing Installation
‘RUNNING!’ 2013 EL-sheet Light Drawing Installation

A characterized figure that looks like a common running icon on the exit and entrance signs in cities are drawn using thin EL (Electroluminescent) sheets. This electronic drawing is installed where two sides of wall and a ceiling meet. Depending on the location of the visitor, it will look distorted or right. When it is dark the running girl icon is reflected all around, running toward all directions. The artist tried to create a bold drawing of light using very thin EL-sheets installation. Through many experiments, she has created a life size running icon drawing that are distorted in different angles.

RUNNING! 달려라 영희, EL드로잉 설치, 2013
RUNNING! 달려라 영희, EL드로잉 설치, 2013

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