Interactive Social Game Based on Dogs’ Territorial Behaviors

The Research Challenge Team is composed with five students of Digital Media Design Dept at the School of Design & Art, Hongik University;  Jaeseok So, Sanghwa Hong, Hyuna Choi, Soomi Jeong, Hyunhee Kim, and lead by a professor, Younghui Kim

‘The P-War:  Interactive Social Game Based on Dogs’ Territorial Behaviors’ is an interactive physical game designed to give players a better understanding of dogs’ points of view by replaying the social behavior of marking their own territories using a custom-designed game interface in mobile technology.

Copyright 2009 Y Kim, S Hong, J So, H Choi, S Jeong, H Kim


Dogs have been human companions for ages and we humans often assume that we understand them better than we actually do. Do we really?  The research challenge team at Digital Media Design, School of Design & Art, Hongik University has designed a playful interactive physical game scenario and game interface design that mimic dogs’ animal instinct and behaviors about obeying the strong and marking territories around them. Dogs leave biological discharge such as urine to scent-mark their territories and it gives them a sense of security as well as appealing to other sex to breed with. The goal of this game is to score the most territories by marking and defending as well as to encounter the other sex that are virtually placed randomly in different locations by administrative game system during the10 minute of game duration. The boundaries of game location would be set before the game begins so that players will run around to gain and defend territories within the given boundaries.

There are 7 dog breeds in different ranks assigned to role-play; Siberian Husky, Afghan Hound, Jindo, Fox Terrier, Bichon Frise, Dachshund, and Cocker Spaniel, in a rank order from strongest to the weakest. The higher rank breeds are stronger players who can take territories if the weaker dog breed players enters their territories. Before ‘The P-War’ game starts, players will be assigned into one of seven dog breeds represented by custom designed hats with characterfully shaped ears and a mobile device with the GPS module to detect their location and marks. During the game, the game administrative system will communicate with the players’ mobile device continuously and gather players’ location marks and their territorial updates to determine the final winner when the game is over.

copyright 2009 Hongik University
Copyright 2009  Y Kim, S Hong, J So, H Choi, S Jeong, H Kim

‘The P-War’ game design concept and system can be adapted into different settings easily and expandable with new technology; it can be played by individuals or teams of running players themselves and/or players behind the wheels with a navigator system if adapted. Through ‘The P-War’ game, a city where it seems to be for only human transforms into a different but, familiar place while players physically enjoying the game.