The Curriculum Vitae can be downloaded here.


Layers of Stillness Media Installation in a specific space, with live data from camera, as a part of the project [ Siyeonhada ], Sejong City Yeondong-myeon community center 2F, Dec 2022

Layered Layers Data Portraits, ‘Layered Layers’, ‘Since 2009 – Seaon’s River’, ‘Drawing Mungkots’, ‘Bridge Crossing’ ‘Since 2014 – JH’s Air’, Gallery White Birch, Seoul June 3-13, 2021

Continuous Flow, While Crossing Bridges, ‘Kurilpa Bridge’, ‘Goodwill Bridge’, ‘RICE 1Kg – 2021’, ‘BreatheOut – Jongnogu’, ‘Bronx Zoo’, KOTE 3F Gallery April 8 – June 8th, 2021

Seeking For Outlier: Artistic Exploration of Data Through Creative Practice, ‘BreatheOut’, ‘Out-Layers’, ‘Seeking for Outliers – Brisbane’, ‘Bridge Crossing’, The Block Gallery, QUT Creative Industries Precinct, Australia.  Jan 21-24 2020

The Sense of Data – as a part of Plaform-L Live Arts Program 2018, ‘Out-Layers – Seoul 2018’, ‘BreatheOut-Seoul 2018’, ‘Seeking for Outliers-Seoul 2007-2017’, Platform-L Contemporary Art Center, Seoul, Nov7th – Nov 17h, 2018

Weight of Data – Data, Commodities and Art (Solo Show + Workshop & Talk), ‘RICE’, ‘SUGAR’, ‘SALT’, This Weekend Room, Seoul, May 7th – May 12th, 2016 – Data As Art (commissioned artwork), Gates Hall lobby, Cornell University, New York 2014-6

RUNNING! Demystifying Wearable Art, Gallery White Birch, Seoul, June 15th-29th, 2013

Bottari  Media Art Solo Exhibition, Gallery B2Project, Seoul  April, 2nd – 20th, 2011


Four Seasons of Mirage, ‘Spring’ – runtime 1 min 30 sec, generative motion graphic/media facade projection mapping project, NMARA, Busan Cinema Center. Dec 2022 – Dec 2023

Plug-In City, ‘Mungkot’ – IoT data art, funded by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Arts Council Korea and Seoul Foundation of Arts and Culture. Dec 22 – Dec 31 2020.

Design Korea Festival, Design Beyond Data, ‘BreatheOut’, Korean Institute of Design    Promotion, Seoul, Korea.  Nov 19th – Dec 18th 2020

Robotronica 2019 as a part of Robotronica Biennale, ‘BreatheOut’ customized version for Brisbane, QUT Aug 19th 2020

Weight of Data – Data, Commodities and Art, ‘RICE’, ‘SUGAR’, ‘SALT’, CHI 2018, Art Exhibition at SAT (The Society of Art and Technologies) , Montreal, April 25th – April 29th, 2018

Keys – Mathematics – Art and Mathematics Exhibition, ‘Scales 2014’, L.U.C.E.R.I.U.M. Gwangju, July 3rd to Sept 13, 2015

ACM CHI Interactivity – Art.CHI exhibition, Data As Art 2015′ COEX Seoul, April 20th-24th, 2015

My Shirt is Breathing – wearable exhibition, ‘Metamorphosis’ & ‘Nabi’, Beit Hair Museum, Tel Aviv Israel, Mar – June 2015

ART. FAB. LAB, ‘Gravity of Light’  K11 Art Space, Hong Kong, Mar – May 2015

TEI’15 Arts Exhibition, ‘Metamorphosis’  Stanford University, Jan 2015

맞물상, ‘Origin of Net’ (projection mapping on the 3D printed surface), Hongik Museum of Modern Arts, Dec 2014

Wearable X-Fair, 취중진담 (Alcohol reactive kinetic wearable)‘, Hongik Art Center, Seoul, Aug 2014

Wearable Hackathone, ‘취중진담 (Alcohol reactive kinetic wearable)+ ‘Cocoon Jacket’  Art Center Nabi, Seoul, June 22-27th, 2014

3D Print & Art, ‘First Edition of Network’ Savina Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, May 15th – July 6th, 2014

Dynamic Structure & Fluid,  Art & Science inspired exhibition, Arko Art Museum, Seoul, March 5th-April 20th, 2014

ACROSS5 Media Artists, Hongik Museum of Modern Art, Seoul, July 2nd – July 22nd, 2013

CHI 2013, Interactivity Exploration, Gravity of Light, v.2,’ Paris, France, April 27th – May 2nd, 2013

철거전 Demolition Art Exhibition, ‘Stairway  Seungmi Building, Seoul, April 1st – 19th, 2013

HCI 2013 Kids Exhibition for kids, Program Chair , HCI 2010, Jan 27-28, 2013, Korea

Media City Seoul 2012, Da Vinci Creative Technology Art exhibition, Gravity of Light  Seoul Media Art Biennale, Geumcheon Art Space Gallery, Sept-Oct, 2012

만인예술가전 Lay Artist, ‘Stir It On! + 2nd Edition’  Media Art Group Exhibition, Art Center Nabi, Korea, Sept 4th – 24th, 2012

Wearable Summer Night, ‘LED Hair’  an art festival event with Gallery Platoon Kunstalle Seoul, Jeju Island, Korea June 11th, 2012

Swiss + Korea Innovation Night, ‘Stir It On!’ Group Exhibition, DDP Event Hall, Seoul, Korea, April 17th – 19th, 2012

Media Circu(it)s ‘Throw & Catch (Words) (말을)주고받다‘ & ‘Bottari’  Seoul Han River Park, Seoul, Korea, Aug 21st, 2011

DALSMA 2011(Digital Architecture & Large Scale Media Art), Body Graffiti Swing Boots‘ Art Space Mullae , Seoul, Korea

HCI Party 2011 with Korean Traditional fusion band, ‘흥 (joy)’  the WCU team leading by Younghui Kim has performed an interactive performance that visualized live during the performance, HCI Korea 2011, Jan 26th-29th, 2011

2010: HCI Party 2010 Body Graffiti’ Wearable Technology Public Art Performance with Bboy group, ‘Last for One’  HCI 2010, Jan 27-29, 2010, Korea

HCI Kids Exhibition for kids, Program Chair , HCI 2010, Jan 27-28, 2010, Korea

2008: Social Fabrics by College Art Association Conference 2008
Exhibited “Stir It On!” Interactive Fashion Technology Art project, Dallas, TX

FutureFashionEvent, Viaggio Telecom 2006
HearWear Version 2.2 Pink LED bag will be featured in FutureFashionEvent, Viaggio Telecom 2006 in Pisa, Italy 05/19 to 05/22/2006

Is This Textile? The Innovation of Textile and its uses HearWear Version 2.1 Luminex skirt is being displayed at the exhibition, “Is This Textile? The Innovation of Textile and its uses” New England Economic Adventure at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. May – Dec 2006

Gwangju International Design Biennale
HearWear is invited to participate in the main exhibition, “Future Life” at Gwangju Interanational Design Biennale 2005 (Oct 13 – Nov 3) in Korea.

Siggraph 2004 HearWear was selected to display & present at Siggraph 2004, Emerging Technologies Exhibition. It also participated in Siggraph Cyber Fashion Show.

HCI 2004, Mapping Heritage showcased at the Design and Art Exhibition titled, “Beyond the Invisibles” Pheonix Park, Korea

The Kitchen, Technology Jacket Design, costume design for the performance, AfroFuturistic May 17th-19th, 2003, New York, USA

San Paulo Digital Film Festival 1999
“The Reflection” & “The Story of Thread”, Interactive Storytelling Projects using QTVR navigations, San Paulo, Brazil, July 1999

NYU ITP Physical Computing Show
The Realm of Memory” Interactive Fictional Space installation, New York University, May 1999