absurdee.com is a collection of experimental art & technology projects by Younghui Kim.  Younghui is also known as ‘Marie‘.


Younghui Kim is an artist who finds her inspiration from everyday things with her living experiences as a foreigner in the cities in US, S. Korea and Australia.

Younghui is a media artist, co-founder of an artist group, RedOnion, and associate professor & dean of the School of Design Convergence at Hongik Univeristy.

For over one and half decade, Younghui has been exploring the field of new media art, such as wearable technology art, interactive art and data art, where she has combined computational algorithm, physical computing technologies and art.  Her data art installations have been exhibited at QUT (Seeking for Outleirs: Artistic Exploraiton of Data through Creative Practice, The Block, Australia 2020), Design Korea Festival (Design beyond Data 2020), Cornell University (mood.cloud-data as art 2014), Gallery ThisWeekendRoom (Weight of Data 2016), the Society of Art and Technologies in Montreal as a part of CHI2018 Art Exhibition (Weight of Data 2018), and Platform-L Contemporary Art Center (The Sense of Data 2018).

Her digital media art projects were presented in numerous exhibitions worldwide such as QUT Creative Industries The Block 2020 (Seeking for Outliers), Robotronica Biennale 2019, CHI Art 2018 (Weight of Data), TEI 2015 (Metamorphosis),  Interactivity-Exploration at CHI 2013 (Gravity of Light), Seoul International Media Art Biennale 2013, Lay Artist by Art Center Nabi 2012, DALSMA 2011, and ISEA 2011, Leonardo Journal, HCI 2010, Social Fabrics 2008, FutureFasion 2006, Gwangju International Design Biennale 2005, Emerging Technologies Gallery, and SIGGRAPH 2004.  Other notable kinetic art installations were exhibited at Savina Museum of Art (3D Printing & Art 2014), Arko Art Center (Dynamic Structure & Fluid 2014) and Hongik Museum of Modern Art (Across 2013).

Younghui’s wearable technology projects were featured on media such as BBC News Clicks, Korean Science Times, Surface Asia Magazine, The Korea Times Magazine, Nippon TV, iChannel TV, Computer Graphics World and artist has been interviewed in Art4D, The Christian Science Monitor (as well as abc.com), Donga Science, Donga News, Chosun News, Money Today News, fashionabletech.com, and more.

Younghui is from New York and has joined Hongik University since 2007 and has been teaching and researching interactive art and design.  She has researched by experimenting with lots of technology related materials and public digital media art at the Digital Media Public Art Research Lab (2009-2013) – the WCU Research program funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology through the National Research Foundation of Korea (R32-20067).

Younghui earned a PhD in Interactive and Visual Design at Urban Informatics Design Lab, the faculty of Creative Industries, Queensland University of Technology, received her Masters degree from at ITP, Tisch School of the Art, New York University and her BFA degree from the Parsons School of Design in New York.

You can contact her at <ihongik@gmail.com>

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