3D printed Art, ‘Network, first edition’ by Younghui Kim,
3D프린트 아트, ‘네트워크의 초판’ 2014

Exhibition Venue:  [ 3D Printing & Art ] 사비나 미술관 Savina Museum of Contemporary Art, May 9th – July 6th, 2014

Younghui is one of the participating artists for this very first 3D Print Contemporary Art exhibition at Savina Museum of Contemporary Art.   Younghui has displayed two new artworks.  One is the digital drawing drawn with a mouse & the other is 3D printed artwork, titled ‘First Edition of Network (2014, 100 cm x 60 cm x 1 cm).

first edition of network, Younghui Kim 2014, 3D printed
first edition of network, Younghui Kim 2014, 3D printed

With strong shadows created with these 3D printed patterns inspired from leaf vein may remind you of old narrow alleys, vein under skin, tree branches, water streams … which are all very related with network of nature.  Artist wanted to express that we are all connected and powder that forms the print in 3D printer is even connected in our physical world – influenced by moist and temperature or gravity in its environment.

For this piece, the artist had her creative process using this new technology differently – instead of drawing in hands, she drew her drawing in computer then 3D-modeled from the finished digital drawing.  The digital drawing was 3D printed into the physical pieces to assemble.   This digital-to-analogue process felt almost like a traditional printmaking to her as each edition is slightly different in details influenced by physical condition as well as careful technical processes to final print.   The whole 3D printing process took about 3 months after the concept and the artist spent about a month to test print in various kinds of 3D printers and different settings.

Digital Drawing
The Network, Digital Drawing by Younghui Kim, 2014

2014. 12.23-27 –  홍익대학교 문헌관 현대미술관 [맞물상] –  미디어아트 그룹 팡세와 함께 전시한  ‘ Origin of Net’ – a developed from the First Edition of Network.

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