An interview article at the Donga Science News

I had an interview with a reporter from one of the leading newspaper company, Donga.  It was first interview in Korean so it was a bit strange.  She found about me from the Leonardo Journal article and google searched my office number at the university.  I wasn’t sure if she was going to publish the interview but, I guess she did wrote an interview article in May 2009.  The reporter kindly phoned me about the WCU grant my team got but, she must have forgotten to give me a notice about it being published.  Several months passed after May and I just recently found out about the article at the Donga Science Paper.  My cousin found it in the internet.

The article link is here  >>

Sorry, it’s in Korean and the title is a bit too aggressive in my taste.  Also, it has translated NYU wrongly – it probably doesn’t matter here in Korea but, most of the contents of articles – I remember saying that.

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