HCI party 2010, Body Graffiti + Last For One

Body Graffiti is a wearable technology art project to be worn by dancers to express visual graffiti drawn with their body movements in the air.   Body Graffiti uses a custom designed LED P.O.V.(Persistence of Vision) system which can be reprogrammed to express different messages whether they are texts or graphics.  LEDs are seamlessly integrated in wearable items therefore, dancers can move freely to express the message.   Body Graffiti with the B-boy performance has been an on-going collaborative project since wearable had to be designed according to dancers’ speed and angles of movement; rotation such as head-spin in B-boy case, with customizable contents via graphic and textual messages to be conveyed during performance.

Body Graffiti is still in progress as it is being upgraded with more refined custom circuit board design with higher LED pixels to express more detailed graffiti graphics and fragmented sewable PCBs to be conducted with flexible electronic materials for better wearability.

(To Read more on Body Graffiti Version 2.0, Boots project, please click here >>>)

In this example of performance above, B-boy dancers are wearing the Body Graffiti system embed in vests and leg items.   Body Graffiti is a wearable technology research project at WCU Digital Media Public Art Research Center at Hongik U. (in collaboration with Dan Mikesell, Hyuns Hong and the world champion B-boy group, Last For One, 2010)

HCI Party 2010, Body Graffiti + Last For One
front of the Body Graffiti vest

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