‘Spring’, Busan Cinema Center, Media Facade Art

Younghui Kim expressed ‘Spring’ in 1 min 30 sec, computer generated motion graphic, projection mapped on the facade of the Busan Cinema Center, in December 2022 – as a part of the media facade project, <Four Seasons of Mirage> This project will be displayed in public until December 2023. Busan Cinema Center is a landmark of Busan for the renoun BIFF Busan International Film Festival.

<Four Seasons of Mirage> – ‘Spring’ by Younghui Kim, 2022 Runtime: 1 min 30 sec

<Four Seasons of Mirage> – ‘Spring’ by Younghui Kim, 2022 Runtime: 1 min 30 sec

This facade media projection mapping art project, is composed of four seasons, directed by Kyoungmi Kim, NMARA, sound by Jinuk Jo and Yemin Oh. Younghui expresses a season of ‘spring’ as after a long darkness of winter, a small light blooming into the branches of light, then transforms to the spring energy exploding into a flower.

작가노트: 깊은 겨울의 어둠을 뚫고 피어나는 봄의 에너지를 추상적으로 표현해 보았다. 봄의 기운은 어둠 속 한줄기 빛의 가지로 뻗어 나와 그 생명력이 꽃의 수술로 뿜어져 나와 어느 순간 주위를 환하게 밝히며 우리에게 따스한 희망을 상기시킨다. <봄, 김영희 2022>

A making film for the media facade project at Busan Cinema Center, <Four Seasons of the Mirage> 영화의전당 미디어파사드 프로젝트, NMARA

기획 연출 | 김경미

영상 | 봄-김영희, 여름-이주헌, 가을- 조수진, 겨울-신규빈

인트로 브릿지 엔딩 영상 | 서명진

작곡| 조진옥, 오예민

영상아카이빙| 최경준

코디네이터 | 오은숙

I am sharing a making film for the projection mapping project, <Four Seasons of the Mirage>. I don’t appear in this making film due to my installation date overlapping for another exhibition but, it was 5 months long project collaborating with other professionals with the very paraticular facade of the Busan Cinema Center building. It was challenging as the wall is very dark, therefore absorb projection lights & the shape is not a pecfect squre. Still, the wall is significantly large and we managed to calibrate the gamma of the artworks!

#projectionmapping #generativeart #BusanCinemaCenter

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