2014   ———————————————————————-

New York Daily News:  Check out these clothes monitor alcohol intake, Sept 2014     

물건 들면 무게표시 장감…술 취하면 색변하는 셔츠 (웨어러블 X fair), 신선미 기자, donga.com 동아사이언스  http://news.donga.com/3/all/20140822/65907945/1   (참고로 기사 속 사진은 제 사진이 아닙니다.)

Fashion designers, media artists and IT experts collaborate on wearable technology art project, Arirang News Prime:  http://www.arirang.co.kr/News/News_View.asp?nseq=164568

‘Where Fashion Meets IT:  Final Presentation’ at Kormore.com 

패션, ‘아날로그 권위’벗고 ‘디지털 실용’을 선택하다.  아트센터 나비, ‘웨어러블 해카톤 프레젠테이션, 이연주 기자, 머니투데이, http://www.mt.co.kr/view/mtview.php?type=1&no=2014062710304410148&outlink=1

예술가, 3D프린터를 만나니 또다른 작품 세계가, 국내 최초 3D프린팅 기술 활용한 전시에 참여한 작가 류호열, 김영희 – 진달래 기자, 머니투데이  http://news.mt.co.kr/mtview.php?no=2014061709044249124&type=1&MLA

과학이 예술이네, 허윤희 기자, 조선일보 http://news.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2014/03/11/2014031100001.html

시각예술 + 과학기술…요즘 미술계 대세도 융복합, 고미석 기자, 동아일보  http://news.donga.com/3/all/20140318/61794925/1

예술가, 과학자가 협업한 작품은? 안창현 기자, CNB저널 http://weekly.cnbnews.com/news/article.html?no=113048

2013  ———————————————————————-

Solo Exhibition by Younghui Kim ‘옷 모자가 예술로’ http://www.sciencetimes.co.kr/?news=옷-모자가-미디어-예술로

Artist Interview of Younghui Kim (Korean) http://www.planccc.com/2013/01/07/younghui-kim/

2012  ———————————————————————-

Press on ‘Gravity of Light’ project:

Evian The Source   http://www.evian-thesource.com/gravity-of-light/

Minispace, Top 5 Finds Incredible Retakes on Everyday Tech Items  http://www.minispace.com/en_us/article/Top_5_Finds_Incredible_Retakes_on_Everyday_Tech_Items/768/?eid=768

The Creators Project  http://thecreatorsproject.vice.com/blog/3d-printed-led-pixel-hat-responds-to-movement

Ubergizmo  http://www.ubergizmo.com/2012/11/pixel-led-hat/

Fashioningtech http://www.fashioningtech.com/profiles/blogs/gravity-of-light-an-led-pixel-hat

Adafruit  http://www.adafruit.com/blog/2012/11/21/gravity-reactive-led-pixel-hat-wearablewednesday/

Crunchwear  http://www.crunchwear.com/gravity-of-light-led-pixel-hat-will-keep-your-head-looking-bright/

3Dprinting  http://3dprinting.com/products/gravity-of-light-3d-printed-artwork-that-lights-you-up/

Pinterest  http://pinterest.com/pin/11610911510835848/

2010   ———————————————————————-

Fashioning Technology, ‘Body Graffiti – A Kinetic Display Created Through Dance & Performance’ interview with the artist, Younghui Kim, March 2010

2009  ———————————————————————-

The Donga Science News, interview with a wearable artist, Younghui Kim, in Korean, May 2009

One-Eighty Magazine, interview with artist, Kim & featured project, “HearWear”, The Academy of Art University, San Francisco, Feb 24, 2009

ABC.com / The Christian Science Monitor, 02.04.2009 “Interactive fashion lets costumers wear devices on their sleeves” article by Mark Guarino

fashioningtech.com Stir It On!(SIO): Interactive Fashion Technology’ Feb 2009

Columbia News Service, ‘interactive design: where fashion, technology and art meet and mingleinterview article by Columbia University Press, NY, Feb 2009

2008   ———————————————————————-

Fashioning Tech:  http://fashioningtech.com/profiles/blogs/stiriton-sio-interactive

Responsive Arts  http://responsivearts.blogspot.kr/2008/10/younghui-kims-stir-it-on.html

Talk 2 My Skirts http://www.talk2myshirt.com/blog/archives/1352

2005  ———————————————————————-

Art4D, Interview with Younghui Kim
hai Art & Design Magazine interviewed Younghui Kim on Design & Technology and featured HearWear in 4 pages article. Both in Thai and English, Appril Issue. (2005) (> download here )

2004  ———————————————————————-

Nippon TV, 11.05.2004
“HearWear” was featured on Japanese Nippon TV show, “Shimo Dome Style“.

ITP Fashion Technology Presentation
“HearWear” presentation at Interactive Telecommunications Program, NYU at 6:30 PM. Milena and Younghui showcased & demonstrated 2 HearWear Skirts, EL-wire grey skirt V.1.1 & Luminex skirt V.1.3

We Make Art Not Money
“HearWear” was featured in this website article, 2004

Nippon TV, Japan, “Shimo Dome Style”

“HearWear” Version 1.1 and 1.2 skirts were featured in Japanese Nippon TV show

Xbyte, on ichannel TV, Oct 2004
HearWear exhibition at Siggraph 2004 were featured in Xbyte TV show.

Siggraph 2004, Emerging Technologies
HearWear was accepted for Emerging Technologies Exhibition

Computer Graphic World, August 2004 issue
“HearWear” participating project in Emerging Technology Exhibition at SIGGRAPH 2004