Exhibition: Seeking for Outliers

This computer generated image is from the screenshots of the artwork, Out-Layers 2018-9 by Kim, Y.  포스트카드 앞:  두번째 버전의 ‘아웃레이어스’, 소셜미디어 실시간 데이터의 불특정 다수의 그 때 그 떄의 감정에 의해 형성된 데이터-드리븐 패턴 이미지

Seeking for Outliers:  Artistic Exploration of Data through Creative Practice
The PhD Final Exhibition by Younghui Kim

아웃라이어를 찾아서:  창작에 의한 데이터의 예술적 탐구  – 김영희 (마리 킴)

21 of Jan – 24th Jan 2020:  10 am – 5 pm
at The Block, QUT Creative Industries Precinct, Musk Ave., Kelvin Grove
Opening Reception:  Thurs. 23 Jan 2020, 5 – 7 pm

My PhD Final Exhibition was held at The Block gallery at QUT Kelvin Grove Creative Industries Precinct in Jan 2020.  My long journey of practice-led research project was presented to the public as the exhibition, titled Seeking for Outliers. There were four sets of digital art installation that are data-driven.  This followed The Sense of Data exhibition held at Platform-L, Seoul in 2018 with further developed artworks with an addition of a new work, Bridge Crossing.

아웃라이어를 찾아서:  창작에 의한 데이터의 예술적 탐구” 라는 제목의 개인전이 27미터 x 12 미터 x 5 미터 높이 공간의 갤러리 더 블럭에서 2020년 1월에 개최되었다.  본 시리즈에서는 세트로 (e.g., 대형스크린과 데이터 드리븐 웨어러블 등) 이루어진 4점의 작품이 전시되었다.  2018년도 서울 플랫폼엘 컨템포러리아트센터에서 개최되었던 ‘더 센스 오브 데이터’ 개인전에서 좀 더 발전된 버전의 작품들과 새 작품 ‘Bridge Crossing’을 호주 브리즈번시의 대중에게 선보였다.

A video link to introduce this exhibition:

This exhibition is supported by Queensland University of Technology and Creative Industries Precinct.


Great Thanks to my spouse Sam and family in both Korea and USA, the kind staff Helena at Creative Industries HDR support group, Simon at J-Block (digital fabrication lab), Nigel and Blair at The Block, my colleagues at Urban Informatics Design Lab and most of all to my superb advisory team of:  Dr Seevinck, Dr Payne and Dr Choi.

Younghui Kim (aka Marie)  김영희 (마리 킴)

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