Final Exhibition: Seeking for Outliers

The image is from the screenshots of the artwork, Out-Layers 2018-9 by Kim, Y.

Seeking for Outliers:  Artistic Exploration of Data through Creative Practice
The PhD Final Exhibition by Younghui Kim

21 of Jan – 24th Jan 2020:  10 am – 5 pm
at The Block, QUT Creative Industries Precinct, Musk Ave., Kelvin Grove
Opening Reception:  Thurs. 23 Jan 2020, 5 – 7 pm

My PhD Final Exhibition will be held soon at The Block gallery at QUT Kelvin Grove Creative Industries Precinct.  My long journey of practice-led research project will be presented to the public. At the exhibition, Seeking for Outliers. there will be four sets of digital art installation that are data-driven artworks.  Following The Sense of Data exhibition at Platform-L, Seoul in 2018, this exhibition shows further developed artworks with revised artistic exploration of data and additional art installation.

The artworks draw on four sets of data: environmental, social, personal, and personal photographic data. These draw on my personal experience in relations with two cities: Seoul and Brisbane.  I lived in Seoul for a decade and in Brisbane for three years as a Korean-American foreigner. The first exhibition, The Sense of Data is more focused on my experience in Seoul and the final exhibition, Seeking for Outliers is to explore dynamics of these two cities with additional experience in Brisbane.

When I explored these data sets through artistic practice, I intended to let the context of data inform my approaches in making art. The dynamics of a visual, tangible form of the data artworks portrait my experience in two cities in the environmental, social, and personal aspects. Furthermore, by allowing the context of data and the performance of live data to inform visual patterns, colors, forms, and materials, I artistically explored data through art practice and further conceptualized the artwork.

This exhibition is supported by Queensland University of Technology and Creative Industries Precinct.

Great Thanks to my spouse Sam and family in both Korea and USA, the kind staff Helena at Creative Industries HDR support group, Simon at J-Block, Nigel and Blair at The Block, my colleagues at Urban Informatics Design Lab and most of all to my superb advisory team of:  Dr Seevinck, Dr Payne and Dr Choi.

Younghui Kim (aka Marie)

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