BODY GRAFFITI:  Expressive Wearable Art through Bodily Performance

Body Graffiti Version 2.0  – The Swing Boots

Body Graffiti Boots in non-motion

<Body Graffiti> is a kinetic wearable display created through dance & movement. It uses a custom designed LED POV(Persistence of Vison) system whiche can be reprogrammed to express different messages in form of text or graphic.  This wearable has to be designed & adjusted according to the wearer’ speed and angle of movements. Also, it requires a consideration on what kind of message being conveyed through the bodily movement.  <Body Graffiti 2.0> The Swing Boots are created to be worn on a moving swing and they are still in experimental stage.

Like many fine artists, modern & experimental dancers in the age of digital media have been early adopters of wearable technology.  It seems obvious that the wearable itself can be an expressive media platform today and further more, worn by a performer during performance, it elevates expression of body language as creating a stronger media platform combining two forms of media that have been so close to art and technology  – wearable and performance.

The boots are the second version of the Body Graffiti projects following version 1 that was performed by b-boy dancers (Last For One Crew) at the HCI Party 2010. They were two sets of the vest and a pair of leg wearables.  See the previous blog on Body Graffiti Version 1. >>>                                                                        

Swing Boots, details (64 LEDs controlled each side)


바디그래피트는 댄스나 움직임으로 표현하기위해 제작된 키네틱 웨어러블 디스플레이이다. 바디그래피티(Body Graffiti)는  POV(Persistence of Vision – 시각잔상효과) 기술을 이용하여 움직임에 의해 순간적으로 프로그래밍된 글과 그래픽형상을 허공에 그래피티로 표현하는 퍼모먼스 웨어러블테크놀로지 작품이다.  바디그래피티 버전 1은 비보이 그룹 <라스트포원>댄서들에게 입혀 HCI Party 2010에서 공연을 하였다.  2배의 LED 픽셀로 좀 더 업그레이드 된 바디그래피티 버전 2는 여성용 부츠로, 그네를 타는 것을 전제로 디자인 제작되었다.  메세지는 프로그래밍으로 바꿔질 수 있으며 두 버전 모두 공공장소에서의 퍼블릭공연아트를 위해 제작되었다.

Body Graffiti Swing Boots in a playground swing (wings)

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