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May 22nd, 2010

[ new release of a book, ‘Metamorphosis’ & two projects in it ]

Two of the past wearable projects, ‘HearWear‘ & ‘Stir It On!‘ are featured in the newly released book ‘Metamorphosis’ by Stoffel Kuenen and Elisabetta Cianfanelli, from the University of Florence, Department of Industrial Design and Fashion Design.  At, there is an article about this book’s release. From the article, this book deals with a very interesting subject in fashion & technology.  I will soon get a copy of this book and I’m excited to finding out what’s inside!

Here is where you can purchase ‘Metamorphosis’ >>>

Metamorphosis is in both Itlalian and English.

March 29th, 2010

[ Interview at Fashioning Technology ]

Younghui had an interview regarding her recent project, ‘Body Graffiti v.1.0’ with Syuzi from last month. Below are excerpt from the article, “Body Graffiti — A Kinetic Display Created Through Dance & Movement”

When did you become interested in performance wearables?

My first wearable project was a costume (a future media jacket) for a performance, ‘AfroFuturistic’ at The Kitchen, New York, 2003. I could say that I’ve always been interested in performance wearables from the moment I started to create fashion items integrated with technology.

Dancers, more particularly modern & experimental dancers, have been early adopters of wearable technology. What do you see as the attraction for dancers to integrate wearable technology into their costumes and performance?

I find that wearable itself can be an expressive media platform. At the same time, worn by a performer during performance, it elevates expressibility of body language as creating a stronger media platform combining two forms of media that have been so close to art and technology – wearable and performance. I’m sure modern & experimental dancers are attracted to wearable technology for the same reason that I am attracted to as one of wearable technology artists.

… Read more interview article >>>

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