Body Graffiti at HCI 2010

body graffiti at HCI Party 2010, Phoenix Park, Korea

<wearables on Bboy dancers from Last For One, taken by HCI staff – I was in the back stage>

Body Graffiti is a wearable technology research project at WCU Digital Media Public Art Research Center at Hongik U. (in collaboration with Dan Mikesell, Hyuns Hong and Last For One, Jan 2010)

copyright 2010, Hongik U. Younghui Kim

2 thoughts on “Body Graffiti at HCI 2010

  1. VERY nice idea and -by the looks of it-, spectacular effect! looking forward to see more documentation of this project (when?), what the garments look like and I really hope someone took a video!
    good job!

  2. Thanks Stoffel! How’s your book coming out? I have video footage but they need to be edited. I will post more documentation on this project as it’s being developed further.

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