The Article in the Christian Science Monitor

Interactive fashion lets costumers wear devices on their sleeves

Does this computer come in a Size 6?

An article written by Mark Guarino has a couple of quotes from an interview with Younghui Kim, an wearable media artist who has been working on fashion technology projects since 2003.   She was staying in LES, New York working on her various projects when she was interviewed over the phone late January.


Having designers rethink sewing as coding takes extreme patience and a willingness to collaborate, says Younghui Kim, a self-described “interactive wearable media artist” in New York who teaches at Hongik University in Korea.

Ms. Kim is a rarity in the fashion world: She became interested in design only after working for years in telecommunications. Staring at computer screens all day created “a really strong need to design something [she] could feel or touch.”

“So I started picking up sewing machines and fabrics, and I designed like a software engineer,” she says. At the time, around 2002, it was frustrating for her to see designers make interactive clothing that was functional, rather than beautiful or comfortable.

She created “HearWear,” a series of couture skirts laden with sensors that trigger illuminating wires depending on how loud the area is. The skirt becomes “a city ear painting,” she says.


This is a good article about where fashion technology is now and where it is heading and Here is the link if you like to read the full article at The Christian Science Monitor >>>

and ABC News >>>

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