Exhibition Venues:

CHI 2013, Interactivity-Exploration, Paris 2013

Da Vinci Creative Idea, Seoul International Media Art Biennale, Geucheon Art Space, Seoul, 2012

International Art Festival, Hongik University, Art Gallery, Seoul 2012

Gravity of Light is an Interactive Wearable Art project using 3D printed smart textile

빛의 중력:  3D 프린트된 텍스타일을 이용한 인터렉티브 웨어러블 아트

Created by Younghui Kim (김영희) /  Yejin Cho (조예진)  2012

What if light on the surface of the wearable textile behaves like it has gravity…? It started with this simple idea of light having gravity like water.

“Gravity of Light” is a wearable technology art made of 3D printed smart textile that displays the wearer’s natural movement of head such as tilting.  With embedded custom designed electronic circuitry in a hat, light pixels move on the surface of the hat flowing toward titled direction.

This project was funded by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Seoul Art Space GEUMCHEON as a part of 2012 Da Vinci Idea Competition Grant. Also supported by Hongik University WCU Digital Media Public Art Lab (R32-20067)

Acknowledgment:   3D modeling by Gyunbmo Baek, Advanced Electronics by Hyuns Hong, Videography by Chungyo Ha, Model by Ajin Lee

Copyright 2012, Younghui Kim, All Rights Reserved.

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