Press Releases


ACM SIG CHI 2013, Interactivity-Exploration, short paper ‘Gravity of Light,’ Paris, France

Surface Asia, Spring 2013  3D Printing Special Issue, Interview with artist Younghui Kim

Stoffel Kuenen, Elisabetta Cianfanelli ‘Metamorphosis’ , ‘HearWear, Grey skirt v.’ & ‘Stir It On!‘ were curated, published by Polistampa, Italy, May 2010

Research Journal of Basic Design & Art Vol.11-1 English Research Paper, ‘Materials and Technologies in Wearable Computing Art and Design Implementation’  Korean Society of Basic Design & Art, Feb 2010

Korea Digital Design Journal Vol. 10-1,  English Art Paper, “Stir It On!; A Wearable Technology Art of Expressing Social Interaction in Public Space” KODDCO, Korea, Jan 2010

Leonardo Journal Vol. 42-2  Social Fabrics, “Stir It On!”  published by MIT Press,  April 2009

Seymour, Sabine, Fashionable Technology: The Intersection of Design, Fashion, Science and Technology, HearWear & Stir It On! published by SpringerWienNewYork, 2008

College Art Association Conference, Intelligent Agent Issue8.1, Social Fabric
Stir It On! (The Leonardo Educational Forum) 2008

Lee, Soon-jong, Rhi, Joomyung, Eun Byungsoo, Park, Inn-seok (editors), Light into Life-Furture Life, HearWear: The Fsashion of Environmental Noise Display (Ahn Graphics Ltd).(2005)

Art4D “Interview with Younghui Kim” Appril Issue. (2005) (> download here )

Computer Graphic World ACM Siggraph Emerging Technology, wearable computing, (Aug 2004 issue)


Press on ‘Gravity of Light’ project:

Evian The Source


The Creators Project








Fashioning Technology, ‘Body Graffiti – A Kinetic Display Created Through Dance & Performance’ interview with the artist, Younghui Kim, March 2010

The Donga Science News, interview with a wearable artist, Younghui Kim, in Korean, May 2009

One-Eighty Magazine, interview with artist, Kim & featured project, “HearWear”, The Academy of Art University, San Francisco, Feb 24, 2009 / The Christian Science Monitor, 02.04.2009 “Interactive fashion lets costumers wear devices on their sleeves” article by Mark Guarino Stir It On!(SIO): Interactive Fashion Technology’ Feb 2009

Columbia News Service, ‘interactive design: where fashion, technology and art meet and mingleinterview article by Columbia University Press, NY, Feb 2009

Nippon TV, 11.05.2004
“HearWear” was featured on Japanese Nippon TV show, “Shimo Dome Style“.

ITP Fashion Technology Presentation
“HearWear” presentation at Interactive Telecommunications Program, NYU at 6:30 PM. Milena and Younghui showcased & demonstrated 2 HearWear Skirts, EL-wire grey skirt V.1.1 & Luminex skirt V.1.3

We Make Art Not Money
“HearWear” was featured in this website article, 2004

Art4D, Interview with Younghui Kim
Thai Art & Design Magazine interviewed Younghui Kim on Design & Technology and featured HearWear in 4 pages article. Both in Thai and English, April 2005 Issue.

Nippon TV, Japan, “Shimo Dome Style”
“HearWear” Version 1.1 and 1.2 skirts were featured in Japanese Nippon TV show

Xbyte, on ichannel TV, Oct 2004
HearWear exhibition at Siggraph 2004 were featured in Xbyte TV show.

Siggraph 2004, Emerging Technologies
HearWear was accepted for Emerging Technologies Exhibition

Computer Graphic World, August 2004 issue
“HearWear” participating project in Emerging Technology Exhibition at SIGGRAPH 2004