An article in Science Times

옷, 모자가 미디어 예술로

With the title, ‘Clothing, hats transform into media art…,’ an article regarding Younghui’s Solo Exhibition ‘RUNNING’ has been published at옷-모자가-미디어-예술로


It was a pleasant surprise for me to meet the reporter, Younhee Kim from the Science Times who discovered my exhibition via internet.  We had a great conversation (interview) and the result is in the article.  The article is in Korean.

김영희 작가의 ‘러닝(RUNNING)’이라는 웨어러블 미디어아트(wearable media art) 전시회가 갤러리 자작나무 사간점에서 이달 29일까지 열린다.

웨어러블 미디어아트는 말 그대로 옷이나 모자 등에 새로운 플랫폼을 개발해 콘텐츠를 넣는 예술이다. 쉽게 설명하자면 사람의 신체리듬, 습도, 온도, 제스처. 기물에 부딪힘 등을 컴퓨터 작은 마이크로 컨트롤러, 센서, 테크놀로지 자재를 이용해 시각화하거나 옷으로서 표현해내는 예술이라고 할 수 있다.

그런데 웨어러블 미디어아트는 대부분 퍼포먼스를 위해 만들어진 작품이다. 고개를 갸웃거리나 움직일 때 모자가 그 움직임에 따라 물처럼 움직이며 빛을 내며 시각화된다. 즉, 모자를 써야만 웨어러블 미디어아트는 작동이 되는 셈이다. 그래서 관객들은 보기에 아름답고 신기할 뿐 작품 뒤에서 어떤 기술들이 작동되는지 알 수 없다.

‘웨어러블’ 미디어아트의 해체와 재구성된 전시회

이번 전시회 ‘러닝’은 바로 관객들에게 이런 부분에 대한 이해를 돕고 있다. 작품을 해체해서 하나의 작품으로 만들어 노출시켜 액자에 넣어서 보여주고 있기 때문이다. 과거 웨어러블 미디어아트를 다시 분리해내서 미적으로 다시 재구성해 전시되고 있다고 할 수 있다. 게다가 전시 작품과 관련 있는 웨어러블 미디어아트 영상을 보여주고 있어 좀 더 작품이 친숙하게 다가온다.

이번 전시회의 주제 ‘러닝’ 또한 컴퓨터 소프트웨어 프로그램을, 프로젝트를 미디어아트 작품을, 퍼포먼스 등을 ‘러닝’해야 하는 웨어러블 미디어아트의 특성을 압축해 보여주고 있다. 그리고 아주 동 떨어진 분야처럼 느껴지는 기술과 예술이 얼마나 잘 어우러지는지를 드러내고 있어 기술과 예술의 융합에 대해 생각해볼 수 있는 시간이 될 수 있을 것이다.

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Body Graffiti in The Creators Project

There was an article about Body Graffiti Project in The Creators Project in both Korea and UK, (both Languages)   I was busy preparing DALSMA 2011 presentation so now, I get to post about it here.

The Creators Project, UK ‘s article started with

Body Graffiti: When Wearable Technology Shines A Message

From its medieval advent when Roger Bacon suggested using convex glass to improve eyesight to the illuminated fashion label MOON Berlin, which debuted its inaugural line just this year, wearable technology is as much a part of the everyday as it is the “novel.” From a pair of glasses to interactive lamp dresses, such wearable innovations have made our lives that much easier and that much more exciting. As wearable technology is defined simply as “fashion that incorporates electronics and computerised devices,” Younghui Kim also jumps on the bandwagon. Yet with her wearables, there’s a different sort of message.  <continued>

The Creators Project Korean article starts with:

바디 그래피티: 착용가능한 테크놀로지가 메시지를 빛낸다

… 바디 그래피티는 계속 진행 중인 프로젝트로 다른 웨어러블 미디엄을 통해 발전하면서 웨어러블 테크놀로지를 한층 당당한 수준으로 끌어 올린다. 커스텀 디자인 LED POV 시스템을 이용해서 텍스트건 그래픽이건 여러 메시지들을 프로그래밍 한다. 조끼나 바지, 부츠 같은 착용 가능한 것들에 LED를 꿰매 넣기 때문에 이 비주얼 그래피티는 움직임 속에서 보여질 수가 있다. ….  <중략>  기사 더보기

Just to add a little bit about background in my wearable projects:

My research on the wearable art has started since 2002 and my first wearable project was a technoloy jacket for the mutimedia poetry performance costume. (Afrofuturistic, at The Kitchen, New York 2003) Since then HearWear: The Fashion of Environmental Noise Display project has followed.   It will be almost 10 years since I’ve started to play with wearable media next year…  <smile>

Projects featured in magazines

April 11th-17th, 2011

Korean Times Weekly Magazine

Cover story:  “Solo Exhibition by Younghui Kim, “Bottari”

“When everyday life crosses over media art”  – article by Jinwoo Park

Here is the online version of the article about my solo media art exhibition at B2Project >>>>

FRENZY International Fashion Magazine, Winter 2010

“High Tech Couture” by Madigan Talmage-Bowers

‘HearWear’ and ‘Stir It On!’ are featured in this article.  It is an interesting article in general.

….Remember the childhood excitement of light-up shoes that flashed on impact? New York-based designers Younghui Kim and Milena Berry expand the concept for the 21st century with HearWear, a line of “wearable electronic” wrap skirts. Inspired by the fast-paced urban rhythms of Manhattan and Seoul, HearWear promotes the idea that consumers should be more in touch with and expressive through their environments. The skirts fuse audio and visual stimulation, responding to noise with LED panels imbedded in the fabric. Battery-powered sensors hidden in the waistbands activate the panels and electroluminescent wires embroidered into the garments’ design. The louder the noise, the more intense the impromptu light show. “We work not only towards a better environmental awareness for most people, but also towards the unnoticeable integration of technology in your day-to-day fashion and lifestyle,” says Kim of her creations. She is also debuting a sister line of skirts dubbed Stir it On! which respond to physical stimulation such as being jostled on a crowded street or dance floor. The built-in sensors could be applied to almost any wearable piece, including handbags, accessories, and jackets.

(…from the article, please click here to read the whole article>>>>)

News: Radio Interview in UK, Sept 17, 20, 22

Radio Interview with Younghui Kim, 17, 20 and 22 September 2010

(From )

Patrick’s interview with designer and artist Younghui Kim will be broadcast this month on his Extraordinary Lives radio show.

Kim is recognised as one of the most original and creative figures in the world of digital media, with her work winning numerous awards and gaining extensive media coverage. This work combines the latest developments in technology with leading-edge fashion and product design.

Kim has her own company, Missing Pixel, which is based in New York and lectures at Hongik University in South Korea, where she has also carries out groundbreaking research at the Hongik WCU Media Public Art Research Center.

In the show she charts her career, showcases some of her work and shares the secrets of her success in this most competitive of industries.

The hour-long show will be broadcast on 10 Radio at Friday 17 September at 11 am, Monday 20 September at 7 pm and Wednesday 22 Sept at 6 am. All times UK. To listen live on the internet please click here at these times.


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Current Publications

May 22nd, 2010

[ new release of a book, ‘Metamorphosis’ & two projects in it ]

Two of the past wearable projects, ‘HearWear‘ & ‘Stir It On!‘ are featured in the newly released book ‘Metamorphosis’ by Stoffel Kuenen and Elisabetta Cianfanelli, from the University of Florence, Department of Industrial Design and Fashion Design.  At, there is an article about this book’s release. From the article, this book deals with a very interesting subject in fashion & technology.  I will soon get a copy of this book and I’m excited to finding out what’s inside!

Here is where you can purchase ‘Metamorphosis’ >>>

Metamorphosis is in both Itlalian and English.

March 29th, 2010

[ Interview at Fashioning Technology ]

Younghui had an interview regarding her recent project, ‘Body Graffiti v.1.0′ with Syuzi from last month. Below are excerpt from the article, “Body Graffiti — A Kinetic Display Created Through Dance & Movement”

When did you become interested in performance wearables?

My first wearable project was a costume (a future media jacket) for a performance, ‘AfroFuturistic’ at The Kitchen, New York, 2003. I could say that I’ve always been interested in performance wearables from the moment I started to create fashion items integrated with technology.

Dancers, more particularly modern & experimental dancers, have been early adopters of wearable technology. What do you see as the attraction for dancers to integrate wearable technology into their costumes and performance?

I find that wearable itself can be an expressive media platform. At the same time, worn by a performer during performance, it elevates expressibility of body language as creating a stronger media platform combining two forms of media that have been so close to art and technology – wearable and performance. I’m sure modern & experimental dancers are attracted to wearable technology for the same reason that I am attracted to as one of wearable technology artists.

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An interview article at the Donga Science News

I had an interview with a reporter from one of the leading newspaper company, Donga.  It was first interview in Korean so it was a bit strange.  She found about me from the Leonardo Journal article and google searched my office number at the university.  I wasn’t sure if she was going to publish the interview but, I guess she did wrote an interview article in May 2009.  The reporter kindly phoned me about the WCU grant my team got but, she must have forgotten to give me a notice about it being published.  Several months passed after May and I just recently found out about the article at the Donga Science Paper.  My cousin found it in the internet.

The article link is here  >>

Sorry, it’s in Korean and the title is a bit too aggressive in my taste.  Also, it has translated NYU wrongly – it probably doesn’t matter here in Korea but, most of the contents of articles – I remember saying that.